About Marjan van Holthe

I was 15 years old and completed the career choice test. The outcome? Gallery owner. My parents and I had no idea. What does such a person do? So I became a secretary. 

A lot happened between then and now. Finally I am on the path that suits me. Some take a little longer to find their way.

Since 2015 I have opted completely for my creative side. As an autodidact I gather knowledge and experience. It has now become clear that I like to create free work in the portraits genre. 

Fibers, threads and textiles keep coming back in my work. Threads of life are woven. I see tapestry weaving is a translation of these threads.

I have learned to stay close to myself and to keep my daily world small. This way I stay creative, healthy and happy. 

I am convinced that creativity gives us so much more than just the beautiful end product.

What do you want to do ?
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All images are @Paraaf Marjan van Holthe

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